Oleomec carries out precision machining operations with numerical control machines, assembly and functional testing of oil pressure sets in general, operating on a just-in-time basis, with a shift structure.

A large number of operations is completely carried out at Oleomec, while particular ones require to be done in outsopurcing. 

During its existence, Oleomec has been successful in developing an exceptional level of competency/expertise in high precision machining of complex mechanical components designed by its costumers, such as: transission geraboxes, break assemblies, engine supports, hubs, spiral bevel gears, horns, axle spindles, supports, etc.

Since the beginning of the 80s, the company has believed in and embraced a “full service” approach, creating and developing an assembly, fluxing and operation testing department for complete oil pressure sets, such as:  PTO clutches, power transmission gear pumps, piston pumps, cylinders, low and high pressure distribution balves, etc.

One of the company’s distinguishing factors is in fact the complete management of the order: from the feasibility analysis stages to the designing stage and the production of special tools and machines, the completion of special processes, in compliance with customers’ specifications, such as: heat and surface treatments, welding, toothing, grinding, destructive tests and more, to finish with the assembly and the functional testing of the parts.

A 1,400 m2  air-conditioned departement, containing assembly machinery, is in factg dedicated to the assembly of the parts once the machining oprations have been completed. This department also includes testing benches: specific tools which carry out functional tests in accordance with customers’ specifications. In addition, there is a testing bench for hydraulic and pneumatic seal tests.


Oleomec handles turning of mechanical components realized with different metals. Thanks to precision turning, we can work every piece in detail.


Oleomec carries out also carpentry activities, such as mechanical milling, using modern and technologically advanced machines.

Toothing and Broaching

Gear and gearwheel's broaching is fundamental for the realization of perfect mechanical components. It is a manufacturing technique twhich allows the realization of highly complex outlines.


Oleomec deals with barrels grinding and lapping as well as with engines' grinding components, using presses and professionals tools.

Heat treatment

It is a gorup of industrial and metalworking processes during which steel undergoes heating and chilling cycles that alter its physical, and sometimes chemical, characteristics.

Surface treatment

Oleomec follows the production of mechanical details in every step of surface transformation and finishing.


Oleomec also offers mechanical components paiting, using technologically innovative machines for outstanding and detailed final results.

Assembly and Functional testing

During assembly, every component is scrupulously checked thanks to a wide range of functional test. In fact, this is where the work of all the workers converges/meets to satisfy our clients.